Middle School

Middle school is a time of maturation and transition.
Our goal is to help each student navigate through this potentially difficult time through mentoring, strong relationships, and Christian values.
St. John’s prepares students for high school and beyond.

Highlights of our Middle School program include…

Leadership training
Music, SEL and enrichment classes and opportunities
Eagle Ambassadors and National Junior Honor Society
Support from tutors and a school counselor
Competitive sports teams in volleyball, basketball, baseball, cross country, soccer, archery, golf and more.
Certified, experienced teachers

Our school day is from 8:15 am to 3:15 pm.
Before and After Care opens at 6:45 am and stays open until 5:30 pm after school.

K-8th Tuition

1st Child $4,440 ($370/mo)
2nd Child $3,780 ($315/mo)
Additional Child(ren) $3,540 ($295/mo)

Active Member of St. John’s Lutheran Church
1st Child $3,780 ($315/mo)
2nd Child $3,120 ($260/mo)
Additional Child(ren) $2,880 ($240/mo)

Tuition assistance is available and is based on demonstrated financial need. Contact our office for more information.