At St. John’s, you are part of a family. We would love to serve your family and welcome you into ours. We are proud to be the St. John’s Eagles and want to share with you about our incredible school and students.

We love kids. With an incredible team of certified teachers, students at St. John’s are loved and cared for. We work closely with families to provide a place where children know and feel God’s love. We focus on academics. We use a variety of curriculum and resources to challenge and support each student. We help them grow in all areas with an emphasis on service and activities including competitive athletics.

Here are some more facts about St. John’s.

  • We have over 80 3 and 4 year olds in our preschool.
  • We have two classes for every grade level, kindergarten through 6th grade, and are continuing to add a second class for our middle school grades.
  • Only about 15% of our students are Lutherans. There are over 35 Christian congregations represented in our student body.
  • Students at St. John’s come from 18 different communities. About 60% live in Mattoon but many come from surrounding cities and towns – some coming from over 20 miles away.
  • We had our first 8th grade graduates in 2002 and since then we have had almost 250 graduates.

We hope this website is informative, but you have to experience St. John’s in order to truly understand the wonderful things that are happening here on a daily basis. Reach out. Let’s talk. We would love to have you visit us!
Serving Christ and you,
Curtis Wudtke